SmileInspire FAQ

How SmileInspire motivates patients and increases dental practitioners’ revenue, productivity, and profit:
What is SmileInspire?
SmileInspire is a marketing technology solution for motivating patients to produce better clinical outcomes. Patients experience a loyalty and rewards program and receive Awards to complete their dental plan and refer friends and family to the dentist.
How do my patients learn about SmileInspire?
Bytes Digital supplies marketing assets to your clinic and engages your patient base on your behalf. After joining the program, you receive high-quality program posters, in-office displays, and videos detailing the patient benefits. We also email patients with information describing program details, the mobile app, and the Awards Store experience.
How does SmileInspire expand my patient base?
Referrals are at the core of SmileInspire’s functionality. Patients are motivated by high-value Awards to recommend your clinic to friends and family. A percentage of the referrals become new patients, causing your patient base to grow.
Does SmileInspire increase case acceptance?
Yes. SmileInspire is a way for patients to offset some or all of the cost of their dental procedures by redeeming Awards for savings on everyday expenses, travel, and merchandise. Patients can save more money with the program than the cost of their dental plan. High-value Awards help motivate patients to accept your recommendations and fulfill their dental goals.
Why does SmileInspire reduce no-shows and cancellations?
SmileInspire delivers Awards for the successful completion of scheduled procedures. SmileInspire automatically sends notifications of upcoming appointments, including the Award value incentive of making their appointment on time.
Does SmileInspire improve patients' clinical outcomes?
Yes. SmileInspire motivates patients with Awards to accept recommended treatment plans and scheduled hygiene. Patients can use Awards savings and instant deals to offset the cost of their dental procedures.
How do I sign up for SmileInspire?
Signing up for the SmileInspire marketing solution is a breeze. Contact us to start the conversation about integration with your existing marketing and technology frameworks.