Motivate Patient Engagement for Better Dental Health

SmileInspire is a fully automated and seamlessly integrated technology solution that drives practice growth and better clinical outcomes.

Why SmileInspire?

SmileInspire motivates your patients with high-value Awards and automated notifications to complete their dental plans and refer their friends and family.

Turnkey Solution

Simple, time-saving, and
easy-to-use marketing technology.

Practice growth

Increase revenue, patient base, productivity, and profitability.

Patient engagement

Automatically prompt patients
to make healthy choices.

Engage Your Patient Base

Increase patient engagement and motivate healthy choices with our simple and easy-to-use mobile app.

Dentists can achieve up to 30% increased revenues while doubling their profit margin with SmileInspire, generating up to 1,400% ROI.

Increase Case Acceptance

SmileInspire uses Awards to motivate patients to complete their dental plans with minimal office involvement.

Boost Patient Referrals

SmileInspire encourages referrals with high-value dental health Awards.

Reduce No-Shows and Cancellations

SmileInspire notifies patients of upcoming appointments and displays incentives for successful completion.

Drive Recurring Revenue

SmileInspire motivates patients and sends reminders to schedule their hygiene appointments.

Developed by Dentists for Dentists

Motivate Healthy Choices

DPMS Integration

The SmileInspire application was designed from the ground-up to work automatically without office intervention and have no impact on the operation of the office or its DPMS. SmileInspire does not impact DPMS performance or create drag on local users.

Practitioner Information

  • Practice name
  • Practitioner name
  • Address
  • Phone number

Patient Information

  • Patient ID
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Procedure Information

  • Description
  • Award code
  • Award amount

Get to Know the Patient Experience

Patients engage with SmileInspire in our easy-to-use mobile app. While the SmileInspire solution is much more than an app, you can rest assured that your patients enjoy a simple, straightforward user experience.